What is Doctor’s Day?

All over the world, Doctor’s Day is celebrated to honor, appreciate and acknowledge the medical fraternity for providing relief to mankind’s sufferings. The Day is a mark of respect towards this Nobel profession. In different countries different dates are assigned for Doctor’s day.

Doctor’s Day in India –

The Govt. of India in 1991 declared 1st July as Doctor’s day. This date marks the birth and death anniversary of the legendary physician Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. Dr. Roy was an extraordinary physician and also served as the Chief Minister of West Bengal.

The Doctor community celebrates this day under the guidance of Indian Medical Association (IMA). On this day, talented and devoted doctors are officially decorated and awarded.


Violence Against Doctors –

The significance of Doctor’s day is to recognise the contributions of physicians and surgeons to individual lives and communities. Doctors work for long hours and toil tirelessly for their patients. They are a patient’s last line of defence and go all the way to ensure their patient’s safety and fight for their lives. Because of increasing load on medical services in the country, crumbling infrastructure and dilapidated facilities, it is becoming a challenge for doctors to provide effective services to their patients. Some misguided people have started tarnishing the image of this respected profession. The recent increase in acts of violence against healthcare workers is a cause of serious concern. Doctors from all over the country are united and they demand legislation for their safety. In 2018, IMA declared the theme for this day as “Zero Tolerance to Violence against Doctors”.


Theme for Doctor’s Day 2019 –

This Doctor’s day – the doctors and the nation must pledge to restore the glory of this noble profession. There must be large scale awareness regarding the medical profession. Society must understand the talent and efforts put in by medical students who go on to become doctors. All the leaders, visionaries and celebrities must come forth to pay their due respect to this remarkable profession and the medical fraternity. Doctors are the backbone of a healthy nation – this Doctor’s day let us strengthen the Backbone so that it can carry the weight of the nation’s health effortlessly!

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