Pomegranate Juice

Do You think Pomegranate Juice is good for your Patient?

Pomegranate is said to be the undisputed King among fruits. Sadly, due to lack of awareness, overzealousness and misguided conceptions, patients often end up harming themselves rather than benefitting from Pomegranate’s goodness. Surprised? Read on to learn why.

Diet requirements during Illness

Whenever someone gets sick, is hospitalised or undergoes surgery – the body is fighting a war for survival. Just as in any war, body suffers a lot of losses, causalities and damages. Our body has the power to fight infection, inflammation and can heal itself provided we support our body with the help of correct treatment and provide it proper food. The sick body is in urgent need of lots and lots of energy and nutrients that we can get only from Food. So during this period body requires food that is easy to digest and provides adequate energy and is rich in Protein and Carbohydrates.

Where do you go Wrong?

Pomegranate juice is a very good source of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. These are known as Micronutrients. Antioxidants are helpful in removing harmful and toxic products from the body and are known to have anti-cancer activity also. So, undoubtedly, Pomegranate juice has beneficial properties, but it is not a complete diet in itself.

One glass of Pomegranate juice (200 grams) provides 108 calories which comprises of just 5 percent of the total recommended calorie intake for an average adult male. Moreover these calories come only in the form of Sugar. There is almost No protein in this juice. So patients who drink several glasses of Pomegranate juice every day to regain health quickly are in fact just drinking sugar. So they remain deprived of Calories and most importantly Proteins. Proteins are body building nutrients, these are required for repair, tissue healing and regeneration. By overloading body with juice, the patient ingests large amounts of sugars that is poor for health. Excessive intake of Juices can lead to Kidney failure and very high levels of Potassium in the blood which can be very harmful.

Does Red Coloured Pomegranate Juice Increase Blood?


Some people think that since Pomegranate juice is Red in colour, drinking it leads to magical increase in Haemoglobin levels. Although Pomegranate juice has iron and vitamin C, however, drinking it alone is insufficient to correct anaemia and improve Haemoglobin. There are many other foods that are much more rich in Iron than Pomegranate. One must eat a healthy balanced diet to restore Iron levels in the body.  Remember, 100 grams of Pomegranate has 0.3 mg of Iron. Compare it with Spinach that has 2.71 mg per 100 grams (9 times more) and non-vegetarian food like Chicken or liver has up to 20 times more Iron content.



Remember, during Illness our body needs a balanced diet that is rich in proteins and has adequate amounts of carbohydrates and fats. Although Fruit juice can provide minerals and Vitamins, these should be consumed in limited amounts only.

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