Eat Slow and Keep your Weight Low

Introduction –

Researchers have found that people who eat their food slowly feel more satiated than those who eat fast. Eating slow even had a positive influence on the hormones that signal fullness of hunger. Those who eat slow have a lower tendency to continue eating. Slow eaters tend to be healthier and also feel more satisfied after having meals.

Here are some simple tips that can help you to eat slowly:

  • Set a timer and practice to finish your meals slowly taking due time
  • Do not watch television or use your mobile while eating food

  • Use a small spoon and make small morsels
  • Put your spoon down after every bite
  • Chew food more and more. You can even count till 30 chews before swallowing


How does eating slow help?

Eating slow helps to establish a proper communication between stomach and brain.

When you eat too fast, your stomach falls behind in sending these signals to the brain. By eating slow the signals are relayed accurately. While eating slow, the brain realises when it is time to stop taking any further food and so one starts feeling full. That is why having a reduced stomach capacity after weight loss (Bariatric) surgery makes it even more important that you slow down your eating speed. Eating fast leads to overconsumption, stomach aches and if you aren’t careful after Bariatric surgery it could cause your smaller stomach pouch to stretch. Hence as time passes, you may start feeling more hungry and may again start gaining weight.

Therefore it is very important that you must try hard to eat as slowly as possible. This will keep you healthy and allow you to relish the taste and enjoy every bite you eat. So remember – “Eat Slow and keep the weight low”.

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