Back Pain (पीठ दर्द) | Causes, Symptoms, Remedies, Do’s and Don’ts

Back Pain (Backache) can be the most common and the most crippling household problem that may arise from a plethora of issues. Overtraining in the Gym or not exercising at all, your spine is at a constant threat to back injuries that can range from slowing you down, causing pain and even being fatal. Dr Abhimanyu Kapoor collaborates with Dr Harpreet Singh, Spine Surgeon, at Regency Hospital, Kanpur, to elaborate on the most common reasons, myths, misconceptions and remedies that revolve around making your back stronger and less vulnerable to injuries. Watch the full video and carefully see the Back exercises that you can do easily at your home. Next time you enter a gym or go for a physiotherapy or a massage, ‘BACK’ it up with science. Do not forget to like, share and subscribe to our channel “Healthy Bytes”

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